30 Minute Meditation Music

April 20, 2023

30 Minute Meditation Music

30 Minute Meditation Music is a type of music that can be used to facilitate meditation, which is a mental exercise that relaxes the body and the mind. It has been found to enhance the experience and benefit of meditation by making it more enjoyable.

In the case of guided meditations, this music is played on the background to create a certain peaceful and mindful atmosphere that allows people to enter into a spiritual world for a short period of time. It is commonly used to accompany meditation videos that are available on YouTube and other platforms.

This type of music can be instrumental or instrumental with vocals and has been found to reduce stress. It also promotes a deeper connection with your inner self.

It also increases positive emotions and decreases anxiety (Holzel et al., 2011a; Bueno et al., 2015; Hernandez-Ruiz and Dvorak, 2020).

The effects of mindfulness meditation training on aesthetic emotion were assessed in this study. Sixty-seven participants were randomly assigned to either the Music Meditation Group (MMG) or the Control Group (CG).

Participants completed the PANAS and FFMQ measures of their mood state before and after listening to music stimuli. The results indicated that the participants of the MMG experienced a more relaxed and positive emotional state, compared with the CG group.

The study suggests that mindfulness meditation may have a significant impact on the perception of time, which could contribute to the relaxation and positive emotional experience induced by music. It may be due to moment-to-moment awareness of the positive emotional experience, a phenomenon that was previously demonstrated with the affective response to time (Rodriguez-Carvajal and Lecuona, 2014; Droit-Volet et al., 2013).


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