45 Minute Meditation: Self Love

November 28, 2022

45 Minute Meditation

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool for physical and mental health. By taking just 10 minutes out of each day to practice self love meditation, we can find inner peace, become more focused and feel content with ourselves. Self love meditation encourages us to appreciate our own beauty, worth and mental capacities. This particular video will help you to do that by first focusing on your breath. Deep breaths stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation. As you become aware of your breath, the video then leads you through visualizations that center around accepting yourself as you are right now in this present moment—perfectly imperfect. We have a nice 45 minute meditation for you below.


Visualizations encourage us to let go of our judgments and worries and accept each thought or emotion as it comes up. They also help us drop into a greater sense of self so that we can tap into our authenticity amidst all the noise of life. One final step, when the meditation has finished, is to look upon yourself with love and compassion as if you were cradling an infant—nurturing every part of yourself with unconditional acceptance. Give it a try today – you won’t regret it!

45 Minute Meditation

The practice of meditation has been around for centuries and is renowned for its ability to bring peace and balance to anyone who takes the time to practice it. It helps clear away mental clutter, clear the mind of doubts, fears, and anxieties, and allow a level of clarity rarely experienced in day-to-day life. For many people, this peaceful inner world only comes with a regular meditation practice. Not only does meditating every day reduce stress and stimulate mental clarity, but it also provides a profound sense of connection with the world around us. When we still our minds through meditation, we become more aware of ourselves, our feelings, and our environment.


This heightened awareness leads to positive changes in attitude that can significantly impact our well-being over the long term. By taking a few moments each day to sit quietly and observe our thoughts without judgment or expectation we are allowing ourselves the space to reach a state of true inner peace. And along with this peace comes physical benefits as well – lowered blood pressure, better sleep quality, increased energy levels – all very good reasons to make time for daily meditation! Ultimately, meditating regularly can open up new paths of self-exploration and provide an amazing outlet for stress relief that can last throughout one’s lifetime – a great reminder that sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to just stop and take some much needed ‘me time’! After all, don’t you deserve it?

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