5 Essential Oils For Swollen Lymph Nodes

March 7, 2023

swollen lymph nodes essential oils

Enlarged lymph nodes are a common symptom of a bacterial or viral infection and can be painful, red, tender and inflamed. Fortunately, there are several natural treatments that can reduce the swelling in your lymph nodes, and some essential oils have a special role to play.

Citrus Family

The citrus family of essential oils, including sweet orange, lemon, mandarin, tangerine and grapefruit, have lymphatic cleansing qualities that help to move stagnant lymph. They also have diuretic properties, which help to clear up toxins from the body, and stimulate the immune system.


Oregano oil benefits include antibacterial and antifungal abilities that can combat swollen lymph nodes caused by infection. This herb is especially effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and it won’t cause digestive side effects like many prescription antibiotics do.


Peppermint essential oil is a good choice to use if you have swollen lymph nodes because it can improve your immune system’s workability by fighting against infections and diseases. This herb also has a cooling effect that can relieve stress and pain.

Bay Laurel

A popular oil used for rheumatoid arthritis, bronchitis and colds, bay laurel is rich in monoterpenes, a-pinene, and furocoumarins. It is also used to detoxify the body, ease nervous tension and aid digestion.


It is important to remember that if you have a primary infection that caused the swollen lymph nodes, it may take several days before you start to see results from using frankincense oil. However, the essential oil has a powerful antimicrobial effect that can help to fight off the infection, speeding up recovery. It can be applied topically or diffused.


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