Abraham Hicks How to Meditate

February 11, 2023

abraham hicks how to meditate

Meditation is an exercise that is used to train the mind. It is a powerful tool to improve concentration and increase happiness. It can also help to clear your mind and eliminate stress.

Abraham Hicks How to Meditate

A key part of Abraham's teachings is that we are all connected to the universe and source. Everyone has the same path of least resistance, and if you meditate and quiet your mind long enough, you can access that stream of consciousness.

The first step is to let go of all the thoughts you have that are in the way. The more you do this, the faster your thoughts will shift.

Another important part of this process is to focus on the thought that makes you feel good. If you have a lot of negative or contradictory thoughts in your head, letting go of them will take you to a better feeling state of being.

Abraham's metaphor is a river, and he says that people often try to swim upstream instead of going with the flow. They think that they have to get somewhere else before they can have what they want and this is a huge waste of energy.

This is a very simple way to get into a state of receiving and it doesn't take long. Just quiet your mind, and focus on the sound of a steady note or something that you like to listen to.

The vibration that you raise through meditation will raise your awareness of the idea of receiving, and it is a very powerful experience. This is where the Law of Attraction can really work for you.


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