According to Economy From Walden What Happened Before the Framing?

September 10, 2023

According to Economy from Walden what happened before the framing

Henry David Thoreau lived a counter cultural lifestyle and the writings that resulted from his simple living experiment at Walden Pond are some of his most famous works. After receiving permission from Emerson to use some of his land on the pond he built a cabin and moved in on July 4th, 1845. He spent the next two years living a very frugally and producing the only two books published during his lifetime, A Week on Concord and Merrimack Rivers and Walden.

His goal was to figure out what the barest necessities are for a man’s existence and to live his life free of excess distractions. In doing so he also wanted to find out if human advancements throughout time have changed the essential laws of mankind’s existence.

One of the things that makes this work so interesting is that Thoreau is able to closely and artistically link real and ideal worlds, something that surpasses even his mentor Emerson. He is able to describe not just the natural beauty of Walden Pond but a spiritual aspect of it that transcends both this material world and our sense of perception.


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