Adding Meditation to Your Spa Routine

April 20, 2023

Adding meditation to your spa routine can be a quick and easy way to increase wellness and attract new customers. Whether it's through custom audio or stock soundtracks, spas can easily add meditation options to their services without requiring clients to schedule an extra session or pay additional fees.

"It's one of the best ways I can help guests get a little more out of their service," says Lin. And since it doesn't take up much of the time clients already spend at her salon, "it's really easy to integrate into a busy schedule."

Beaches are renowned for their tranquility and healing properties. While they can be beautiful and relaxing on their own, they're also the perfect backdrop for meditation retreats.

Here are some destinations where you'll find secluded beaches that provide the perfect atmosphere for meditation:

At a resort roughly 10 miles northeast of Monterey, The Sanctuary Beach Resort's Spa offers a custom 50-minute guided meditation service that leads clients in selecting a personal mantra or phrase on which to focus. During the treatment, they each receive a Bose noise-canceling headset to improve concentration.

On a private island in the Maldives, At One With the Ocean offers guests a variety of mindful yoga practices and movement therapies that combine the healing powers of water with meditation techniques. The program includes an oceanfront Sound Bath on the Beach, which features Himalayan singing bowls that are said to promote relaxation and release energy blockages.


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