Alcohol Reduces Ability to See What Colors

February 11, 2023

alcohol reduces ability to see what colors

Alcohol reduces ability to see what colors

When you drink too much, you may be unable to tell the difference between certain shades and colors. This is called “loss of contrast,” and it can be a big problem when driving.

The amount of alcohol that you drink will affect your vision, but you should keep in mind that drinking in moderation is generally not a bad thing. Even one drink shouldn’t cause long-term problems, but it can affect your vision in the short term, such as dry eyes or eye twitching.

Your vision is affected by how quickly the brain sends signals to your eyes, and how fast your pupils respond to changes in light. When you drink, it can slow the communication between your brain and your eyes, which can lead to slurred speech, trouble walking, and impaired perceptions.

Alcohol also can slow the contraction and dilation of your iris, which allows light into your eye. This can make it harder to see in bright lights or low-light conditions, such as when you’re driving at night.

It can also affect the whites of your eyes, causing them to become red and bloodshot. It can also cause cataracts, a condition that causes a permanent loss of vision. If you experience any of these symptoms after a heavy drinking session, be sure to book an appointment with your ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Often, these effects go away with time, but it’s important to check in with your doctor if you have any eye-related issues that seem unusual.


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