Alcoholics Anonymous - What Does Powerlessness Mean in AA?

May 2, 2023

Admitting powerlessness is the first step in AA, and it’s often the hardest. However, completing this step can be the start of a new journey.

During this first step of recovery, you’ll be asked to write down all the times that you’ve felt powerless over alcohol or drugs. This can help you realize how powerful these substances really are.

1. Admitting You Have a Problem

One of the first things people learn in AA is that admitting you have a problem is the first step. It’s a core principle that embodies the foundation of all 12 steps and is central to the AA way of life. Admitting you have a problem means facing up to the fact that your alcoholism is destroying your life and you need help with it. It also means confronting and documenting your wrongs, so you can move forward and start over.

While this may seem like an easy lesson to learn, it’s one that can have a profound impact on your recovery and ability to work the rest of the program. Whether you’re an alcoholic or not, learning how to admit your faults and weaknesses is one of the most valuable lessons you can take away from AA. You can’t be an effective alcoholic or addict without working this step, and you can’t work the other steps of AA if you don’t have the courage to confess your failures.

2. Admitting You Have Lost Control

Powerlessness over alcohol is one of the most difficult things to admit to yourself, and it can be very scary to face. However, it is also a key element in AA, and it is the first thing you will learn to accept. Admitting that you are powerless over alcohol can help you understand how to get control of it and stop drinking safely in the future.

This step is not a requirement for joining Aa, but it is an important part of the process. It also shows that you are open to trying something new, even if it may be a little scary. AA groups have no set procedure for providing this, and it is up to each group to decide what’s best for them.

3. Admitting You Need Help

Admitting you need help is the first step in the AA program. This can be a daunting task, but it’s crucial to start the journey in a positive way. It allows you to begin to break down your ego, admit your vulnerabilities, and open up to the alcoholic community. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with a higher power, which can help keep you motivated through the rest of your recovery. It may not be a perfect process, but it’s definitely the right path to take if you’re struggling with alcoholism.


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