Alcoholics Anonymous - What Is Step 5 In AA?

May 2, 2023

The fifth step in AA is called "Confession." In this step, you admit your character defects and problematic behaviors that have harmed others to yourself and to a higher power.

Admitting your wrongs can be painful, but it also offers emotional and mental relief. Many people report feeling a sense of freedom after working this step.

Taking a Moral Inventory

Taking a moral inventory is a step in the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a way to reflect on the past and learn from mistakes in order to move forward.

A moral inventory is an important part of the 12 step program because it encourages individuals to identify attitudes and behaviors that need to be changed in order to remain sober. It also helps promote accountability by encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their actions both before entering treatment and afterward.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse defines a moral inventory as "an objective assessment of an individual's behavior, attitudes, and motivations." It is commonly used by counselors and therapists working with clients to improve their lives and maintain sobriety. It is also a common part of recovery programs for individuals suffering from substance use disorders.

Admitting to God

Admitting to God is a key part of Step 5. You must be open and honest about the things you have done wrong in your life.

This is a difficult step, but it's also important for your spiritual growth. If you do it right, it will be a great way to release the burden of your past and start over with a clean slate.

It can be hard to admit all the wrongdoings you've done, especially if they aren't very nice things. However, most people find it very rewarding to share their secrets and mistakes with others in AA.

The program encourages members to make this confession with their higher power, but it can be done without any religious belief at all. Regardless, it is a necessary and critical step for many.

Admitting to Yourself

Admitting to yourself is an important part of AA and is considered a vital step in the recovery process. It allows you to release past wrongdoings, which can help you start fresh and live a more productive life. It is also helpful to admit your mistakes to your sponsor and your higher power, who can help you overcome your fears and egotism.

Many people find it difficult to admit their wrongdoings, but the peace that comes with it can be worth it. Once you have completed Step 4, you will be ready to reveal your errors to another person, such as an AA sponsor or someone else in the program. This person can be a valuable support in the process, so make sure to choose wisely.


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