Andrew Johnson is a Meditation Teacher and Podcast Host

January 5, 2023

andrew johnson meditation

Andrew Johnson is a very successful and influential meditation teacher. He has taught millions of people worldwide how to meditate. He is also the author of many popular meditation books, including Relax and Change Create. The book contains tips and techniques for calming your mind and creating a positive attitude.

Relax Change Create

Meditation is a great way to improve your overall wellbeing. It can be used for a number of purposes, from improving sleep to reducing anxiety. Andrew Johnson is a renowned meditation teacher who can guide you on your journey towards positivity. He uses a combination of clinical hypnosis and mindfulness techniques to help you find your path to wellbeing.

Andrew has over 20 years of experience helping people overcome their worries and fears. He has helped thousands of people through his workshops and online courses. From stress management to self-improvement, he has been able to help people break habits and achieve the goals they have always wanted.


If you're looking for the best meditation app on the market, you can look no further than Andrew Johnson. He has been producing a variety of apps for a decade, and his latest product is an all-in-one subscription package of the most popular and enlightening recordings from his library. From stress reduction to health, wellness and mindfulness, Andrew has a wealth of information to share. His audio is a streamlined and easy-to-learn approach to meditation, allowing anyone to get the most out of it.

Andrew is one of the most well-respected meditators on the planet, and he has been teaching people how to improve their lives through mindfulness and relaxation for over twenty-six years. Whether you're looking for a simple, guided meditation or a more in-depth workshop, you can find something to suit your needs with his wide selection of products.


Andrew Johnson is a world-renowned meditation teacher who has worked with thousands of people around the globe to develop their mindfulness and meditation practice. He's also created a series of self-care products and guided meditations, and is the creator of Holistrio, a mobile meditation app.

Andrew's recordings have been downloaded by more than 19 million people, and have helped many people break habits and overcome fears. His latest meditations are designed to make meditation easy to integrate into daily life. Featuring his signature gentle guidance, his recordings are the perfect tool to cultivate a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle. Whether you're looking to ease stress, improve focus, or just feel more relaxed, Andrew's guided meditations are guaranteed to help you find your inner calm.

The Lifetonic Club

Whether you're a yogi or an office worker, you've likely heard of Andrew Johnson's meditation app, Working Mindfully. This app, which is available on both iOS and Android, is not only a meditation tool, but it also includes a host of other useful perks, including a personalized audio app for corporate employees.

The app itself was a surprise hit, but it was not the only one of its ilk. After discovering that Apple's app store was a gold mine, Johnson wasted no time in creating and releasing his own apps, as well as a line of slick hypnotherapy recordings. He enlisted the help of fellow meditator Jessica Fassler, and the two of them worked together to create the app you're about to read about.

Working Mindfully

Andrew Johnson is a meditation and mindfulness coach with over 25 years experience. He has a background in clinical hypnotherapy and runs a private practice in Scotland. His techniques include relaxation therapy, stress management, and meditation. As a result, he's helped people break bad habits and achieve their full potential.

In addition to his private practice, he's also a wellness expert at the Mandarin Oriental in London. Andrew has developed the world's first meditation app. It's been downloaded and streamed 19 million times to date.

He's also got a soft Scottish accent that's described as "smooth as single malt." During one of his podcasts, he talks about the best meditation he's found, which he calls the "classic quote." And, if that wasn't enough, he's curated his life's work into a new app, called Working Mindfully.


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