Aquarius - January 28 Zodiac

March 7, 2023

January 28 Zodiac


You were born under the January 28 Zodiac, the sign of the Water Bearer. This is the sign that represents fertility, youth, plenty and success.

Your horoscope suggests that you are a very altruistic person with a strong humanitarian spirit. You are also very charming and attractive to others, which makes you appear to be invincible.

Despite your lofty and self-confident nature, you are still susceptible to mood swings. You may find it difficult to adapt to change or accept the advice of others.

The planet Uranus is your governing planet, which is responsible for your intelligence and motivation. It also closely associates with your elements - air, earth, fire and water to give you the power to make a difference in the world.

Today – Lucky Number: 1

The Sun and Moon are in Taurus, which is your ruling sign. Today is a good day to start a new venture or to think of a career change.

Your astrological chart shows that you are highly capable and have a flair for math, science, or music. You may enjoy a career in any of these fields or in education.


You have a strong competitive streak that can cause some mild antagonism in your relationships. It can be quite frustrating to your partner when they feel you are always trying to be the center of attention and push them to their limits.

On the positive side, you can be extremely creative and have a great sense of humor. Your natural empathy and charm are a major attraction to those around you, and you can be an amazing leader when you’re young. As you age, however, the balance in your life begins to shift and you become more centered on making a difference for others.


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