Are You Worried about Receding Gums? Cosmetic Dentists Can Suggest Gum Grafting!

December 18, 2023

Discomfort in the mouth and increased sensitivity to food and drink temperature indicate gum problems. If you feel pain during brushing or flossing, the reason behind this can be a receding gum line. When you meet a cosmetic dentist for help, they may recommend gum grafting depending on your oral health. Receding gum refers to the gradual pulling away of the pink tissues, exposing the dental roots. These sensitive roots cannot tolerate varying temperatures and react through pain. Without attention, this problem can worsen, taking an annoying turn. Hence, it's better to visit a nearby clinic before things go out of hand and take charge of your dental environment.

A reputable Cosmetic Dentist Tarzana can offer the best gum grafting treatment to reduce sensations and enhance your gum's well-being after specific examinations. Let's learn about this procedure a little more.

  • Gum graft options

Dental hygiene practices keep your teeth and gums in sound condition. When someone fails in this area, gum problems like receding gumline start. The dentist can recommend different grafting techniques if you are suitable for a gum graft. One option includes transferring healthy tissues from your palate to the affected spot. When tissues regrow, the pockets begin to shrink. Another standard method is sourcing tissue from the top layers of your gums and installing it on the spot. In some cases, doctors can use tissues from the neighboring area. They make a small cut and put the tissue in the affected part.

  • After-surgery experiences

Once the surgery is done, you must use gauze pads and ice packs, as advised, to reduce bleeding and swelling. For discomfort and soreness, there can be prescription medications. The dentist may guide you to brush and floss, avoiding the treated area. You can also ask them about specific mouth rinses that may benefit your mouth. Initially, you rely on soft and cold foods like smoothies, yogurt, and mashed potatoes. Complex, spicy, and hot items should be resisted. Any strenuous activity can be harmful for a few days. So, take proper rest and appear for the follow-ups. The dentist will want to monitor healing speed and recommend anything that ensures better care.

After two to four weeks, you can notice a remarkable difference in discomfort and swelling. However, you may still have to follow the post-surgery instructions. During this phase, scab can grow on the graft site. Handle it gently and let it resolve itself. You can be back to a few routine activities that are not strenuous. Follow-ups will be mandatory. If you observe any sign of infection or something else, check with your dentist immediately. Keep up with all the good dental hygiene and eating practices. Nevertheless, full recovery often takes weeks to months, depending on individual cases. But you can expect favorable results by adhering to the post-surgery requirements.

You may not like gum grafts, but your dentist may recommend this option, especially if your gum disease is near the advanced stages. At this time, this can be the ideal solution to prevent further dental and medical complications. Choose the right dentist to make this journey easy for yourself.

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