Art Meditation - An Easy Way to Add Creativity to Your Meditations

April 20, 2023

Art Meditation

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, improve mental health and boost your overall well-being. It involves following the breath to bring you back into the present moment while observing and letting go of thoughts, feelings and sounds that may arise throughout your practice.

Art Meditation

While we might think of meditation as a passive form of relaxation, incorporating creativity into your mindfulness practice can be just as powerful. Whether you want to create an art piece of your own or engage in mindfulness-based art therapy by immersing yourself in another person's work, meditation art can help you connect with yourself and your feelings more deeply, access greater flow and freedom and center your mind.

The first step to practicing art meditation is to find a time and place where you can create without distractions. This can be a dedicated space like a studio, a quiet corner of your home or even on the subway.

Next, grab a marker or pen and a sketchpad. You can use any other art materials you have around the house, but it's important to make sure that everything you're using is safe and that you don't let your stress get in the way of the process.

Begin by focusing on your hand and its sensations, and then move to the paper and its texture. Once you've become fully present with these two things, try to transfer your tracing onto the page, moving slowly and intentionally. If you find this too hard, or you're not getting any results, don't hesitate to try again.


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