Ashley Judd Accident - What Happened to Her Face?

July 29, 2023

Ashley Judd is one of the most renowned actors of our time. She has made her mark in many films and has established herself as a successful humanitarian. The actress is known for her work in ending genocide and other types of crimes against humanity. She has also been involved in several political campaigns and is a strong supporter of LGBT rights.

Despite all of her accomplishments, the 76-year-old actress has had some tumultuous times in recent years. She struggled with her mother’s death in April 2022, and has also had a long battle with mental illness. However, it seems that she is doing much better now.

In February of 2021, the actress was in the Democratic Republic of Congo on a humanitarian mission to search for bonobos, a type of endangered ape. During the expedition, she took a fall that broke her leg in four places. She was stranded on the ground for hours before she could be found. She was then carried in a hammock by “Congolese brothers” for six hours over hills, through rivers, and other difficult terrain to get to a camp where she could be rescued.

Since then, she has been working hard to recover from the injury and is finally able to walk again. She recently posted a video on Instagram of her hiking uphill, which is a huge milestone in her recovery. She has been able to do so because of the extensive rehab that she has undergone. She credits physiotherapy, osteopathy, and yoga for her recovery.


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