Avatar: What Happened to Zukos Mom?

March 21, 2024

Zuko’s backstory is one of the most tragic in all of Avatar, and it’s a story that’s been explored in depth in the comics. Zuko’s mother, Ursa, mysteriously disappears at the same time as Fire Lord Ozai gains power. Zuko’s family and the rest of the Avatar universe struggle to find her and ultimately reunite with her in The Search, which will leave you either satisfied or eager for more.

While the show doesn’t dive into it until later on, Ursa was banished for a very specific reason. She made a deal with her husband Ozai to ensure that he wouldn’t kill their son, but only if she was allowed to take the throne herself. This was a very shady move and led to her banishment.

After she was banished, Ursa would write secret letters to her family and Ikem. She even showed Ozai one of them, telling him that Zuko was Ikem’s father – which he knew to be a lie. Ursa was able to reunite with her family after her memories were magically restored by the spirit of the Mother of Faces and she apologized for her past actions to both her children.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out so well for Azula and she is still angry at her mom to this day. However, we have hope that the two can mend their relationship as it appears that the Avatar comics will continue to explore the pasts of all the characters.


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