Benefits of Surah Mulk

May 25, 2023

Benefits of Surah Mulk

A person who recites surah mulk before sleeping has a lot of benefits. It protects him from the torment of the grave, increases his wealth and children, provides protection against Satan, and more. In addition to all of these, reciting surah mulk also improves one’s knowledge and understanding of the Quran and increases his taqwa and God-consciousness.

This Meccan surah stresses Allah’s supremacy and the weakness of false gods. It also teaches believers about the afterlife and rewards for those who obey Allah’s commands. Furthermore, it warns against doubting in faith and disobeying Allah.

According to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), “Whoever recites this Surah before sleeping will have his limbs protected from the chastisement of the Grave. It will also intercede for him on the Day of Judgement and take him to Paradise.”

The recitation of this surah is very beneficial to the Muslims because it strengthens their belief and helps them to become closer to Allah. It is also a good reminder to the Muslims that they should pray often, especially before sleeping. It will keep them away from bad habits and increase their taqwa. It will also give them strength to face difficulties in life.

It is a very important surah that every Muslim should memorize. It is not difficult to memorize this surah because it contains only 30 verses. If a person commits to learning it regularly, he can have it memorized in just a few months.


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