Big Mom - What Happened to Mother Carmel?

April 2, 2024

While we’re sure many fans are still shocked by this turn of events, it will add an interesting element of mystery and dark backstory to the series. It is also likely that this will lead to more dramatic and intense battles for Big Mom as her power and ruthlessness would be even greater.

While there are several hints and clues that suggest that she consumed mother carmel, we don’t know exactly what happened. It is also possible that the two people (Streusel and the giant from Erbaf) who saw this were only imagining what they had seen.

The story of Big Mom and Mother Carmel is a very complex one. While they are both very powerful and ruthless, they also have a more compassionate side as well. It is believed that Mother Carmel was a nun who ran the Sheep’s House orphanage, where she raised Big Mom after her parents abandoned her. She taught Big Mom the importance of family and love, which is why she often places a picture of them on her table during Tea Parties.

However, their relationship took a darker turn during a tea party at the orphanage. It is believed that when Mother Carmel was so engrossed in her food and the children were eating so quickly, she accidentally consumed them as well. It is also possible that this traumatic event was what led to Big Mom’s obsession with creating a perfect family as well as her ferocious strength and insatiable appetite.


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