Black Ink Crew - What Happened to Fly Tatted?

July 11, 2023

When it comes to reality shows there are always a lot of drama that can take place, one of those reality shows is Black Ink Crew and the cast members were recently dealt with a tragic blow as one of the contestants passed away. The death of Fly Tatted was confirmed by the show's social media pages. While the cause of death is not known, several theories have been surfacing.

Initially co-contestant Ryan Henry said that Fly Tatted who was real name Elijah had committed suicide, but later on he posted on his Instagram story (which is now expired) that he had been told by family and friends that the tattoo artist's death was ruled a homicide. This led to a lot of confusion among the fans and viewers who began piecing together bits of information. It was also reported that Bella, Fly's girlfriend was present during his passing. This led to rumors that she was responsible for his death.

The rumors started to swirl when Bella went live on her Instagram story and spoke about her loss, she was hysterical and crying, she sounded like she had been drinking. She spoke about her and Fly's relationship and what had happened the day of his death. She then claimed that she was not responsible for his death. She also claimed that Fly was fighting a lot of demons and did not want to take his life, but instead accidentally shot himself in the back of the head.


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