Black Moonstone Properties

March 7, 2023

Black moonstone properties are known to promote a sense of wholeness and healing within the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. It is also a powerful tool for grounding and protecting the wearer’s energy as they move throughout their daily lives.

This stone is also associated with the lunar cycle and is known as a birthstone for those born during the new moon phase of the monthly cycle. People who are highly intuitive and psychically inclined will often benefit from the healing properties of this crystal.

It is said that black moonstone will help deflect harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and reduce their effects on sensitive individuals. This stone can also be used as an energy shield to protect against negative energies when placed above a bed at night.

Psychic Powers

In addition to being an excellent energy protection and grounding crystal, black moonstone is also known for its ability to enhance psychic gifts such as telekinesis, mind-reading and clairvoyance. This means that those with these natural abilities will be able to improve their talents and reach their highest potential by working with this stone.

Menstrual Relief

In addition, this crystal can be used to reduce bleeding during periods. Simply place the stone under running water for 30 minutes every day until your period ends and it will help to stop or reduce menstrual pain and cramps.

Self-Worth and Confidence

Because it helps to balance your emotions, black moonstone can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress so that you can focus on more positive aspects of life. It can also help diminish feelings of anger and despair, bringing you a sense of calm and balance.


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