Black Moonstone

March 7, 2023

black moonstone

Black Moonstone is a new moon crystal that boosts creativity, helps with visioning in the dark, and is a perfect tool for setting intentions and manifesting your dreams.

It’s a stone of higher purpose, feminine empowerment, and fullness and symbolizes an answer to prayer.

The healing power of this gemstone is immense and it’s often used in ritual and ceremonial work to activate the Root and Crown Chakras. It’s also a powerful healer for people who have problems related to the spleen, liver and kidneys.

Black moonstone is a health crystal that can be used to help with fertility issues and can even be helpful for removing the complications of pregnancy. It is also said to relieve problems like acid reflux, stomach aches and other digestive issues.

This crystal can also be used to help with other health issues like bronchitis, scratchy throats and speech disorders. It also has a lot of detoxifying properties and can be used to get rid of toxic substances in the body.

There are many different ways to use this stone and you should choose one that works best for you. Some of the most common ways to use this gemstone are as a healing stone, for meditation, and as jewelry.

The best way to use this stone is to meditate with it and allow it to bring you closer to the highest frequencies of your chakras. This will help you to open your mind and clear mental clutter, which will give you a sense of calmness and peace.


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