Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch Discontinued

July 29, 2023

When it comes to Doritos flavors, there are some you simply can’t live without. From Nacho Cheese to Cool Ranch, there are a ton of options to choose from when you reach for a bag. However, one limited-release variety that became a cult favorite for its fingertip-staining goodness and bold flavor has been discontinued. It’s unclear why, but fans are calling for Doritos to bring back the Blazin’ Buffalo and Ranch tortilla chips.

In fact, the popularity of this chip caused a petition that received more than 63,000 signatures, according to Brand Eating. Despite the high volume of supporters, Doritos and Frito-Lay have not given an explanation for why the Jacked flavor was pulled from the lineup.

But it is possible that the Jacked line will return at a later date. The company has brought back several other discontinued products in the past. In order to promote the Jacked line, Doritos partnered with popular social media and content producers like YouTube star Freddy Wong and Vine celebrity Zach King. Additionally, the company held a party at South by Southwest in partnership with MAXIM.

The company also teamed up with last year’s Changemaker for their Solid Black initiative, Chef Eric Williams of the restaurant Nacho Bangers. They teamed up to create a new menu item at his establishment that features the reintroduced flavor. 2,000 bags of the limited-edition chips are available for purchase on the Doritos website. They’ll also be sold at participating retailers across the country.


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