Blue Obsidian Meaning

March 7, 2023

blue obsidian meaning

The Blue Obsidian Meaning

It is a powerful stone that helps to strengthen the flow of Universal Life Force energy in the throat chakra and enhances one’s ability to communicate spiritual truths. It is also a great grounding stone to help heal the mind and balance the chakras.

This is a powerful healing crystal that can be used to remove blockages and encourages the bearer to express their true selves. It can also be used to strengthen clairvoyance and develop intuition.

Blue Obsidian is a very soothing and gentle stone that brings calming energy to the user and is ideal for stress reduction. It is also a helpful tool for meditation as it aids in the development of telepathy and astral travel.

Cleansing Your Blue Obsidian

Despite its glass-like appearance, obsidian needs a little TLC to keep it at the top of its game. It can collect and disperse negative energy that may be present in your environment, so it’s important to cleanse and charge it regularly.

How to Cleanse Your Blue Obsidian

A quick and easy way to cleanse your blue obsidian is to bury it in soil for several hours or smudge it with cleansing herbs like sage. This will remove any negative energies and rebalance your auric field.

It is a great stone to use during a healing ceremony as it can bring a calm, meditative state to the room. It is also a good stone to use during a trance or shamanic journey as it can clear the mind of any mental blocks and encourage a connection to your higher self.


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