Bob Barker - What Happened to Bob?

March 21, 2024

For 35 years, viewers tuned in to The Price Is Right to see Bob Barker interact with viewers. Throughout his time on the show, he earned a prestigious reputation as one of the most popular game show hosts. When he retired in 2007, he became a household name, and people have been curious about his private life ever since.

The day of his death was marked by tragedy. The 65-year-old actor fell ill while on a comedy tour and suffered a heart attack. Despite being placed on life support, the medical staff was unable to save him and he passed away at the hospital. His death came as a shock to his fans and the industry, but it wasn’t the only celebrity who recently passed away from a head injury.

In the episode, Bob is seen wandering through the woods alone and setting up camp under a bridge. He is eventually spotted by Glenn and Daryl, who ask him to join their group. He agrees and helps them arm themselves, and he is the first person they give a weapon to when The Governor marches on the prison.

Later, Bob reveals to Sasha that he was bitten by a hunter during a search of the flooded food bank. He tells her he has been a member of two separate survivor groups, both of which were overrun, and believes he has a curse to watch everyone around him die or be destroyed. He also drinks heavily, which makes Sasha upset.


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