Boosting Immunity Naturally: The Benefits of Immunity Blend Gummies

November 8, 2023

In the modern world, life is busy and it can be tough to keep on top of nutrition and stay healthy and vibrant. Trying to decode all of the jargon and advertising to find healthy, natural supplements that do what they say on the tin can be an impossible task. Why not take it back to basics and follow in the footsteps of our ancestors? They seemed to do a pretty good job of staying fit and healthy.

Humans have been using functional mushrooms for centuries, and there’s a reason: they are a natural powerhouse when it comes to health and they provide a huge range of benefits. Often called medicinal mushrooms, they are proven to treat all kinds of conditions (even cancer!) and many of them contain a range of compounds which demonstrate significant immunoregulatory abilities.

Some of the functional mushrooms that are most well known for their immune-boosting properties are Reishi, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake and Oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms contain lectins, terpenoids, proteins, and polysaccharides, all of which are immunomodulators that work together to keep your immune system functioning at an optimal level.

The active compounds in the mushrooms mentioned above support all kinds of functions within the human body but some of the most notable effects are their antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular-protective actions. Not only do these mushrooms help your body combat illnesses which are attacking your immune system, they also support the healthy functioning of other systems which makes your body stronger and more able to combat illnesses.

The joy of immunity gummies that are powered by natural ingredients, primarily functional mushrooms, is that they can offer a whole menagerie of benefits beyond a stronger immune system. Mushrooms are so versatile and can do so much for our bodies, so you’ll almost certainly be getting more than you bargained for! From improved energy and focus to reducing stress, there are numerous additional benefits to the functional mushrooms most commonly used in immunity gummies. It’s not often that products do more than they say on the tin, but the labels simply aren’t big enough to mention all of the benefits that a tub of immunity blend gummies has to offer.

Many traditional supplements contain a few key vitamins, which can be great if you know exactly which vitamin your body is lacking, but most people need a supplement with a greater depth of vitamins and minerals. Medicinal mushrooms already contain a range of compounds including key vitamins, but a mushroom-based immunity gummy with a range of compounds from various mushrooms makes for a powerful natural remedy. Finding a high quality mushroom-based immunity supplement can be a game changer for your day-to-day wellbeing.

Immunity gummies are definitely the most enjoyable to consume and a great option to get you all the immune-boosting benefits you’re looking for. If you are looking to enjoy all the immune-boosting benefits in a tasty, easy to consume format then why not buy immunity gummies? They’re packed full of goodness and you’ll look forward to taking them everyday.

Buying high-quality immunity gummies, such as those from VidaCap, ensures that you feel the full benefit and get your money's worth. It takes a team of experts to create the perfect formula with optimum bioavailability, so make sure you buy from a manufacturer who understands the science behind their products and how to optimize efficiency.

Each of VidaCap’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies contain 500 mg of their “mycomatrix immunity blend” which consists of Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, and Maitake, five of the top immunity-boosting mushrooms. They also contain 500 mg of apple cider vinegar, which is a natural remedy powerhouse which really packs a punch. As an added benefit, it gives the gummies a delicious apple flavor. No more choking down a shot of apple cider vinegar followed by an earthy-tasting capsule, gummies make the experience delightful from start to finish!

Something to look out for when choosing your immunity gummies is the other ingredients used to make them. Many options aren’t vegan friendly or are packed full of all kinds of ingredients - opt for gummies with natural ingredients.

It’s also worth noting that the extraction methods for the mushroom compounds has a huge impact on the bioavailability of the compounds in the end products, so just because something is advertised with 1000 mg of a certain extract, your body won’t necessarily be able to access and absorb all of that. That’s why it’s usually best to buy from an experienced company who have tested and verified the efficiency of their gummies.

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