Call to Calm Meditation

October 21, 2023

Call to calm meditation can teach you to slow your thoughts, reign in your emotions and focus on the present moment. This helps override the brain’s natural stress and anxiety responses. You can do it anywhere, on your own time, for as long or as little as you want. It can even be as simple as sitting in a chair or lying down and closing your eyes for a few minutes each day.

The app asks you a few questions about your mood (whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious or happy) and then provides calming scenes with background noises (like the ocean or crackling fire), soothing music and a breathing exercise. You can listen to these for free or subscribe for a week of premium content, including guided meditations, sleep stories and breathing exercises.

Some of the guided meditations are designed to relax your whole body, help you sleep better or reduce your stress levels, while others are meant to calm a busy mind and improve concentration and self-esteem. Many are based on mindfulness and calming techniques from the Burmese and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Some use the breath as a point of focus, while others guide you through visualizations that promote mental quiet.

Calm also has a variety of yoga videos, celebrity audio sessions about mental health and a large section devoted to music. There are also meditations for kids, which can be a great way to teach them about mindfulness and relaxation.


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