Cancer Vs Scorpio - An Intense Love Story

March 7, 2023

cancer vs scorpio

Cancer vs Scorpio: An Intense Love Story

As water signs, the crab and scorpion are able to go deep into love and intimacy. They can empathize with each other on a level that other zodiac signs cannot, and they can communicate without words, thanks to their intuition.

The Crab: Emotionally sensitive yet strong in empathy

The crab is very empathetic and is willing to put their partner's needs before their own. This means they can be incredibly supportive of one another and help each other overcome their weaknesses.

They are also very attentive to each other's physical needs, which means they have a heightened sense of smell and taste. This allows the two of them to build a deep emotional bond and develop an active sex life together.

On the downside, however, this pairing has some toxic tendencies that can make it difficult for these signs to maintain a healthy relationship. These include rancour and a desire for revenge, which can sometimes be expressed in different ways.

In fact, it's possible that this pair could end up in a physically abusive relationship where the scorpion is prone to inflicting emotional pain while the cancer tries to exact revenge with physical blows.

The best way for this couple to avoid this scenario is to take the time to listen to each other's problems, so they can work through them with compassion and care. This is especially important when the two of them are dealing with emotional issues that they're not able to resolve on their own.


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