CBD Edibles: A Tasty Way to Enjoy the Benefits of CBD

November 8, 2023

We’re sure you’ve probably heard by now about how amazing CBD is. If you’re only just discovering the joys of CBD products then you’ve got an exciting road ahead of you! There are countless types of CBD products out there but let’s focus on CBD edibles.

The benefits of CBD

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, but does not cause the psychoactive effects of marijuana products due to their reduced levels of THC. CBD products made with CBD derived from hemp plants are entirely legal in the USA following the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 which legalized the cultivation, sale and possession of hemp and hemp products in the United States.

Although most medical professionals will hedge their bets when it comes to the benefits of CBD, there is significant anecdotal evidence that using CBD can improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety, among other things. CBD is also believed to modulate the brain’s perception of pain and have anti-inflammatory properties. For these reasons, many people use it to manage conditions such as arthritis and chronic pain. There is even a medication approved by the FDA that uses CBD to treat a form of childhood epilepsy.

Who are edibles for?

Edibles are a great option for everyone, quite frankly. They are delicious and easy to consume so they’re great for people who struggle to take tablets etc. You can find vegan and gluten-free options from many retailers now, so nobody should be feeling left out. Everyone has their own opinion, but most people love CBD edibles for their ease of consumption. Who wouldn’t love a delicious treat that can also relieve a number of ailments?

The World Health Organization even released a study in 2018 which deemed CBD safe for children - although it is important to store CBD edibles safely out of reach of children in case they go looking for a sweet treat!

The most common edible CBD product is gummies which come in a range of flavors and they are great for controlling dosing because they are bitesize and very easy to portion. You can also get CBD infused chocolate, brownies, cookies and more, so you can select your snack of choice.

Are edibles better than other options?

Not necessarily better, just different! You could spend hours reading articles each claiming that a specific product is the best, but the truth is that there are so many factors to consider when deciding what’s “best” and it really comes down to individual preference.

Edible CBD products generally take longer to kick in than other options (roughly 30-60 minutes) due to the time it takes your body to begin digesting the food to allow the CBD to be absorbed into your system. If you are looking for quick results then they may not be top of your list.

However, users report that the effect of CBD lasts much longer from edibles than other options such as vaping, with edibles offering benefits from 6-8 hours. This is very advantageous to people wanting ongoing support for conditions, so you can get on with your day and enjoy the relief that your CBD edibles give you. So if you can plan ahead a little and wait for your CBD edible to work its magic, then you’ll feel the benefits for more of the day.

Are CBD edibles better-suited to certain types of conditions?

Due to their longer-lasting effect, CBD edibles are excellent for people looking to CBD to help manage anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, etc. Edible CBD products are also frequently used to manage chronic pain and pain related to arthritis, although some people prefer CBD patches for this purpose to target an area of pain more directly. It’s really personal preference.

One advantage of CBD edibles rather than patches is that the CBD will move more efficiently throughout your whole body, so it is thought that you will benefit more from the well-being-boosting properties as well as the pain relieving properties.

Where can I get edible CBD products?

The CBD market has undergone unprecedented growth in the past few years and the struggle to find a reliable supplier near you has now been replaced with the issue of not knowing where to start with deciding between the countless options available.

In the US, you can predominantly find edible CBD products online, in specialized CBD stores and in natural food stores. You will likely find a wider array of options online.

Finding safe and reliable CBD edibles for sale online can be confusing but with established brands like PureKana, you can truly relax and know that you’re in safe hands. Online CBD retailers are often experts in their field and many offer a wealth of information on their website.


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