Choosing Baby Pacifiers For Baby Shower Gifts

March 7, 2023

baby pacifiers for baby shower

Pacifiers are one of the essential baby shower gifts that you can't go wrong with. They help soothe babies and keep them calm at nap and bedtime, which are key parts of a healthy sleep routine. But they can also get misplaced, dirty, or lost, so it's important to pick a pacifier that's well-made and easy to clean.

Nipples: Style and Size

The shape of a pacifier's nipple can make a big difference in whether it's comfortable for your baby to hold. Round nipples are often the most popular, but some babies find them too large or awkward to use. Orthodontic nipples are designed to support the development of a baby's teeth and jaw, but they can also feel uncomfortable in some mouths.

If you're unsure which style your baby prefers, try out a few different options to see what works best. You can even buy multi-packs with a variety of nipple styles so you can switch them out when your baby changes preferences.

Unlike bottles, pacifiers don't come in all shapes and sizes; some are made for newborns and others are more suitable for older babies. But regardless of their size, a good pacifier should have a shield that's sturdily constructed and features ventilation holes.


The best pacifiers have a simple, one-piece design. They're sturdily constructed with no nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide, so they are easier to clean and sanitize. You should also choose a pacifier that's at least 1 1/2 inches across and has ventilation holes so it can't fit all the way into your baby's mouth.


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