Choosing the Best Shampoo and Conditioner For Chemo Hair

February 10, 2023

best shampoo and conditioner for chemo hair

Chemotherapy is a form of cancer treatment that damages cells that are rapidly dividing. It also affects hair follicles, which can lead to thinning hair and even hair loss.

During chemotherapy, it is important to choose a shampoo that is gentle on the scalp and helps reduce itchiness, dryness and flaking. Avoid products with sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens, which can irritate the scalp.

There are several specialized shampoos and conditioners available for people who are undergoing chemotherapy. The best of these products help in strengthening the hair and reducing breakage.

These chemo-friendly hair products can be purchased from many beauty supply websites. They are suitable for various hair types and are priced within a range of budgets.

Some of these hair products are made of natural ingredients like tea tree oil, jojoba and rosemary oils, which promotes hair growth. Others contain keratinocyte growth factor (KGF), minoxidil and biotin.

Other specialized products include cold caps, which are FDA-approved tools that help prevent scalp problems associated with chemotherapy. They reduce the temperature of the scalp and decrease blood flow to the head.

The American Cancer Society recommends using hair products that are specifically designed for chemo patients. These may include a mild shampoo or a hair conditioner that is formulated for sensitive scalps. Another option is to consult a doctor about which products are safe for use during treatment.


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