Claudication Treatment Natural

February 10, 2023

claudication treatment natural

Claudication treatment natural is a form of conservative medicine that attempts to control symptoms through changes in diet, exercise, and lifestyle. These approaches work for many people and often stop the buildup of arterial plaque that narrows arteries and causes the symptoms in the first place.

Reduce risk factors, including cigarette smoking and diabetes. These risk factors increase your chances of developing a problem like claudication.

Revascularization (opening clogged arteries) -- A revascularization procedure can open clogged arteries to improve blood flow and reduce symptoms of PAD. This surgery is performed under local anesthesia in a hospital or in the doctor’s office.

Home exercise program or supervised walk-in exercise therapy -- An exercise program can reduce your pain and make you more comfortable walking. This supervised program should be tailored to your level of claudication and is usually prescribed by a doctor.

Medications that thin your blood so it’s less likely to clot, such as thrombin inhibitors and fibrinolytics, can also help reduce your pain. They’re often recommended to treat a particular type of claudication called intermittent claudication.

Oral vitamin E -- Several randomized controlled trials have found that taking oral vitamin E supplementation can improve symptoms in some patients with intermittent claudication who are treated with medication. The vitamin may be beneficial in patients with lower levels of Vitamin D because it appears to help protect the blood vessels from oxidative stress and inflammatory damage.

Ginkgo biloba -- This herbal remedy has been reported to reduce clotting and slow disease progression in some patients with peripheral artery disease and intermittent claudication. However, it is not known whether it will improve symptoms or reduce the need for revascularization.


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