Dr Abigail Taylor

March 7, 2023

dr abigail taylor

Dr abigail taylor is an internal medicine specialist in Saint Cloud, MN. She completed a residency at Hennepin County Medical Center and practices at CentraCare Clinic River Campus. She accepts multiple insurance plans and is board certified.

She treats patients in the office and through phone consultations. She is focused on the prevention of disease and maintaining good health and wellness in her patients. She also provides education on preventative care and treatment options to promote healthy living.

dr abigail taylor is a licensed clinical psychologist who has served as an expert witness in forensic and family court proceedings. She has provided psychological evaluations to individuals referred by the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program, including assessments of parental fitness and psychosexual and family issues. She has consulted with attorneys, judges, and parents in child custody and divorce cases and in cases involving the removal of children from their family home.

Her practice focuses on the assessment of physical, emotional, and developmental needs of children and adults. She conducts individualized evaluations to determine the need for services and the most appropriate course of treatment. She frequently evaluates adults with chronic illnesses. She has a special interest in mental illness, including depression and anxiety.

About this user

dr abigail taylor creates beautifully strong yet vulnerable female characters, following a lifetime of personal experience. She combines her love of human connection, kindness, nature & animals to write heartwarmingly feel-good stories that inspire and enchant.


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