Dr Christina Parks, MD, is a False Vaccine Advocate

March 7, 2023

dr christina parks michigan

dr christina parks michigan

Christina Parks is a molecular biologist from Grand Rapids. She is a science teacher for Christian homeschool organizations and holds a postdoctoral degree in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Michigan.
She is very active on social media and is a popular speaker for anti-vax groups. She also posts about vaccine adverse events on her social media pages and has made false claims such as that MMR vaccines cause autism.

Her rants are based on false science and prevarications, so they need to be examined in detail.

One of the most blatantly false statements she makes is that she is a radiologist and explains her job by saying she uses penetrating radiation to diagnose diseases. She claims that she does this to find out the best ways to help patients.

Another blatantly false claim she makes is that she is a health expert and therefore should be allowed to speak at the state level about vaccines. This is not true and is an example of a common false argument anti-vax groups use to scare people into not getting vaccinated.

She was also a regular at anti-vax protests and events in Michigan and is a member of Michigan for Vaccine Choice, which recently launched on Facebook. She was invited to testify at a hearing on hypothetical vaccine mandates in the House Oversight Committee on Thursday.


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