Dr Malachi Z York Meditation

December 31, 2023

In the world of Hip Hop Dr Malachi Z York or Dwight York is one of the most influential figures in the culture. He has influenced a host of Rappers, Musicians, Artists and even politicians to this day. Dr York and his followers built a compound in Georgia called Tama-Re that had two pyramids and other Egyptian style buildings on the property. York charged his followers a fee to live there and the group also collected money at various events, and through book sales.

However, the cult was also accused of sexual abuse and other illegal activities. York was convicted of child molestation and racketeering in 2004 and is serving 135 years in prison at the ADX maximum security prison facility in Colorado. Several former members of the cult have given testimony about being abused by York. One woman claimed that York would show her and others pornography to manipulate them into having sex with him. Another former member testified that York molested her and other children. York’s supporters claim that he was wrongfully convicted and that prosecutors tampered with evidence.

In addition to the prison time, Dr York is serving a lifetime ban from having contact with minors. He has argued that he was a minister to children and did not commit any crimes, but the courts have rejected his arguments. In addition, he has been denied access to his spiritual books and other materials that he claims are vital to his religion.


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