Dr Shawn Brooks - Internal Medicine Specialist

March 7, 2023

dr shawn brooks is an Internal Medicine Specialist. He practices at 9844 S 1300 E Ste 200, Sandy, UT 84094.

He is affiliated with Luna Health and has 17 years of experience. Check out his profile on Healthgrades to see ratings and reviews.

Dr shawn brooks is an Internal medicine physician who has 17 years of clinical experience. He treats patients of all ages and is certified in orthopedic manual physical therapy. He specializes in movement analysis and impairment-based diagnosis.

Shawn has a clinic in the sandy area, near Houston. He uses a combination approach of movement analysis and hands-on treatment to get you back to your life as quickly and safely as possible.

He has a 5/5 rating from patients on Healthgrades and is located at 9844 S 1300 E Ste 201, Sandy, UT 84094. Learn more about him below and make an appointment at his practice.

What is the best way to schedule an appointment with him?

You can call the office or schedule an online appointment. He accepts most major insurance plans. You can also find out if he accepts your plan on Healthgrades.

What are some of his most popular treatments?

He treats shortness of breath, wheezing and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). His office is conveniently located in the sandy area, near Houston. He treats patients of all ages and has experience treating both children and adults.

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