Earth Angel Meditation - What Are Earth Angels?

January 5, 2023

earth angel meditation

You are probably familiar with the concept of the earth angel, but are you familiar with the nature of these divine beings? These enlightened beings are clairsentient and have an unfiltered and pure aura. They are also able to manifest things easily. Their ability to help others in pain makes them especially attractive to the humanitarian world.

They are effortless manifestors

Earth Angels are magical beings who are gifted with a high level of energy. They have the ability to see and feel the energies of other people and animals.

Earth angels have a natural affinity for the land and nature. They are drawn to the earth and often find themselves working as a healer.

An earth angel will have a natural ability to see the good in others. This is called clairsentience. They can download the feelings and energies of other people into their own energetic system.

An earth angel is a creative thinker and an innovator. In fact, many of them turn their hobbies into full-time careers.

They are clairsentient beings

Earth angels are clairsentient beings who are born with the gift of feeling the emotional vibration of others. They have a natural affinity to nature and the healing energies of the world. Typically they are very compassionate, creative and have a strong sense of self.

They have a great need for relationships and intimacy. They enjoy forming close connections with many people, but aren't prone to arguing or fighting. Often they'll leave the comfort zone and go out into nature for weekend getaways.

They also are apt at calming down distressed children. Their psychic connection to divine angels allows them to sense and feel others' emotions and energy. In turn, they're able to help heal them.

They are drawn to humanitarian jobs

Earth Angels are highly evolved beings with an impressive level of empathy. They are also highly sensitive to the energy of others, especially those they deem to be negative. Unlike other angels, they don't hesitate to drop everything and go to work for someone in need. Their philanthropy isn't limited to strangers, either. In fact, their social inclinations often extend to those with whom they share a common interest.

One of the more interesting features of Earth Angels is their willingness to try new things. Some have even gone on a spiritual quest to learn about life beyond the mundane. This has lead to a few surprising findings.

They have a pure and unfiltered aura

A pure and unfiltered aura surrounded by a white light is an Earth Angel's signature. Many of these angels have a childlike quality that radiates pure joy. However, they often have an inner turmoil because they have experienced some form of mistreatment during their lifetimes.

Earth Angels are extremely sensitive beings. They have the ability to sense and pick up on the emotional, psychic and physical vibration of others. In addition, they are highly intuitive and spiritually attuned. These qualities make them healers and creators.

Despite their sensitivity, they must protect their energy fields. This may not always be easy, especially in social settings. Sometimes, they will become overwhelmed by large groups of people.

They have no tolerance for anyone in pain

An Earth Angel is a highly sensitive and empathic spirit. They have a large heart and a keen sense of empathy. They are also adept at reading the tea leaves and intuiting what the universe wants from them. A lot of Earth Angels like to give back to the universe. So they are often in search of a good cause. In the context of the Earth, this may mean being a charity worker or a humanitarian.

While they are likely to be very busy with their life's work, they can't say no to those in need. Their mission is to lighten the world's load.

They have a bubbly personality

Earth Angels are highly empathetic people. They feel the pain of others and are often deeply troubled by the mistreatment of others. This ability to empathize helps them to heal. Their natural empathy and compassion makes them perfect for mediation.

Earth Angels are also good at noticing miracles in their daily lives. They are also adept at bringing pure love into the world. Whether it is through meditation, a special talent, or simply making someone smile, their influence is profound.

Bubbly people are usually those who make other people laugh. It is rare to hear them complain about anything that irritates them. Instead, they tend to challenge things that are bothering them.


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