Everleigh Labrant's Dad Dies at 29

March 13, 2024

Tommy Smith, the father of YouTube influencer Everleigh Labrant, died at age 29. His obituary notes that he “was a father, son, brother, grandson and friend to all.” He had his own YouTube channel where he shared clips of his family life. He was also a competitive dancer and model. He is survived by his parents, sister and current girlfriend Courtney Santaella.

His death was announced in a post on his Instagram account. The post was later deleted, but screenshots of the post are still online. The Orange County Coroner’s Office has yet to release an official cause of death.

Savannah LaBrant, 29, has not commented on her ex-boyfriend’s death, but she and her husband Cole, who runs the popular YouTube channel The LaBrant Fam, have been active in their daughter’s online presence. They share videos of their daughters Posie, 4, Zealand, 2, and Sunday, 3 months, as well as their daily lives.

In a video that was posted to the family’s YouTube channel in 2018, Savannah explained that her and Smith were together when she was 19. They broke up shortly after, but she continued to raise their daughter as a single mother. Eventually, she found her now husband Cole and the two started their own YouTube channel and have since been married and have three more children.


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