Experience the Real America – Cultural Enclaves You Never Knew Existed

September 8, 2023

Ever feel like you've only scraped the surface of what America has to offer? There's a whole cultural landscape waiting to be explored right in your backyard. We're not talking about the tourist traps and flashy cities you see on postcards. Hidden in plain sight are real cultural gems - vibrant communities that have stood the test of time and give a glimpse into America's diverse roots.

So what are you waiting for? An invitation? Consider this your invitation to experience the real America. The road less traveled will take you places you never knew you needed to go. All you have to do is make the first turn. Adventure awaits!

Experience Italian Culture and Cuisine in New York City

If you want a taste of authentic Italian-American culture, head to New York City’s Little Italy. This close-knit community in lower Manhattan has been home to Italian immigrants and their families for over a century.

Experience Fresh Italian Cuisine

Little Italy is a foodie's paradise. Stop by any of the cozy trattorias and pizzerias lining the streets and you'll be transported straight to Naples or Sicily with your first bite. From piping hot slices of gooey cheese pizza and zesty marinara sauce to rich cannoli and frothy cappuccinos, the cuisine will ignite your taste buds.

Some must-try spots are John’s Pizzeria, open since 1905; Ben's Italian Restaurant for homemade pasta and veal parmigiana; and Ferrara Bakery for cannoli, tiramisu and espresso. Buon appetito!

Soak in the Atmosphere

Meander through Little Italy’s narrow streets and you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled upon an open-air Italian festival. Colorful flags flap in the breeze, smells of garlic and fresh bread waft through the air, and Italian opera tunes play on speakers.

Stop to chat with locals playing bocce or sipping espresso at sidewalk cafes. Peek into storefronts filled with imported olive oils, dried pastas, and leather goods. And when night falls, strings of lights illuminate the streets, creating a romantic ambiance perfect for a moonlit stroll.

Little Italy offers a vibrant slice of Italian-American life in the heart of NYC. Lose yourself in the charm and gustatory delights of this cultural enclave for an experience of the real America you'll never forget.

Step Back in Time in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Have you ever wanted to experience a slice of history in America's heartland? Look no further than Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Discover Unique Culture and Traditions

The Pennsylvania Dutch, descendants of German immigrants, have preserved their way of life for centuries. You'll find their influence everywhere, from the dialect of "Dutch" (Deutsch) spoken to the simple but beautiful arts and crafts.

Visit an Amish farm and you'll likely meet friendly folks in traditional dress driving a horse and buggy. The Amish live simply, without most modern conveniences, and are known for their intricate quilts, woodworking, and homemade foods. Shop at roadside stands or farmers markets to find handcrafted goods and fresh produce.

Indulge in Homestyle Cooking

The food alone is worth the trip. Hearty, homemade meals are a way of life here. Shoofly pie, chow chow, ham potpie, and schnitz un knepp (dried apples and dumplings) are a few specialties you must try.

Family-style restaurants serve up authentic Pennsylvania Dutch fare in abundance. Or stop by a roadside diner for scrapple, a fried cornmeal mush, or a soft pretzel as big as your head. You'll want an empty stomach to fully appreciate the deliciousness.

A visit to Pennsylvania Dutch Country is like stepping into another era. Experience for yourself the peaceful, unhurried way of life among rolling green fields and farms. It's a side of America you never knew existed but won't forget.


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