Fortnite Abductors - What Happened to Them?

July 29, 2023

Fortnite players are reporting alien abductions ahead of what may be a UFO-themed season. Multiple vloggers have documented their encounters with these UFOs that appear to be taking players aboard their Motherships. Abductions happen randomly and there’s no way for players to trigger them. Abductor ships are not limited to specific locations, but have been spotted at Risky Reels and The Spire. Once a player is near an abductor, a green light will begin to flash and players will be sucked upwards. It’s unclear what these UFOs are, but they are definitely scary.

The abductors are large flying saucers that appear above named points of interest in a randomized fashion. They are a great place to grab some high-tier alien loot like the new Grab-itron gun that debuted last week. Additionally, landing on an abductor is a relatively easy way to pick up 30,000 XP for your Battle Pass.

But the abductors have been missing from the map lately and players are unsure what’s going on. Epic tweeted that they will visit in cycles during the course of the season, but they are currently unavailable for players to land on.

Fortunately, the Abductors will return at some point and in time for one of the Legendary Week 10 challenges. To complete this challenge, players will need to deal damage near an Abductor and step inside its tractor beam. So, if you’re still looking for an easy 30,000 XP, be sure to check out the Abductor locations when the Battle Bus starts dropping players onto the island.


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