Fuck It Meditation - What Are You Really Feeling?

April 20, 2023

Fuck It Meditation

We've all seen the meditation videos where a calm voice says 'clear your mind' or 'let your thoughts drift.' These are great ways to relieve stress, and they work for many people. However, what about when you're feeling like the whole world is just fucking you?

The viral video 'Fuck It Meditation' by Jason Headley addresses this very issue in a refreshingly honest way. It's NSFW, sure, but we all need to be more honest about what we're really feeling sometimes -- and this is a great place to start.

Love is a complicated mess

You've been hurt, you've found love, and you're just not happy with it. It's a messy, time-consuming, and sometimes infuriating experience that can be difficult to navigate.

Money is a struggle

Do you work too hard, for too little, and feel like it's just not enough? You're struggling to keep up with your bills, and that's affecting everything from how you feel about yourself to your relationship with money.

Friends are a hard thing to maintain

You have good friends, but they don't always stay around for long. They may go away for a while, or move to another city or just simply move on with their lives.

All those progressive relaxation and transcendental meditations in the world won't make you rich or save you from your plight, but they can help you find peace with it all. And, with the right support and attitude, you can take on whatever comes your way.


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