Gabby Bernstein Meditation

January 5, 2023

gabrielle bernstein meditation

Gabrielle Bernstein is the author of The Universe Has Your Back, a very popular podcast that has helped millions of people around the world learn to live a life of joy and fulfillment. Her books have been translated into more than 50 languages and she is the author of several best-selling meditation guides. If you have never tried a Gabrielle Bernstein meditation, you are missing out.

Author of The Universe Has Your Back

Gabrielle Bernstein is the author of the popular bestseller The Universe Has Your Back: A Guide to a Happier, More Peaceful Life. She has been transforming lives for over fifteen years. With her best-selling books, podcasts, and seminars, she has reached tens of thousands of readers in sold-out venues around the world. Known as the guru of joy, she is committed to awakening people to their own joys.

She has also made a name for herself as a thought leader, appearing on television and in print publications such as Oprah's SuperSoul Sunday and Marie Claire. Her book is a must-read for anyone going through a major life change. It explains the simplest of lessons in a straightforward way.

Although the book contains only 12 chapters, it's worth checking out, especially if you're in the mood for a spiritual fix. Bernstein offers simple prayers and mantras, and a handful of other techniques that are likely to help you along the way.

Motivational speaker

Gabrielle Bernstein is a New York Times best-selling author and motivational speaker. She is known for her spiritual and holistic approach to life. This is evident by her eight books and her appearance on the Oprah show. Her meditation technique is designed to help people sleep better and become more relaxed. The Gabby Bernstein meditation is part of a series of audio experiences. It helps to focus on your breath, and imagine body parts releasing.

Gabrielle Bernstein was an addict when she was 25 years old. After she beat her addiction, she had a spiritual awakening. From there, she began speaking to 20 people in her apartment in Manhattan. Since then, she has grown to appear in dozens of sold-out venues.

For her efforts, she has been awarded a "new role model for thirty-something women" by the New York Times. Gabrielle has also been named a member of the "SuperSoul 100" by the Oprah Winfrey network.

Spiritual leader

Gabrielle Bernstein is a motivational speaker, author, spiritual leader, and meditation guru. She has devoted herself to the practice of meditation since 1995. Her books are geared to help people achieve a positive outlook on life and release their fears. Aside from her work as a speaker, she also hosts her own podcast.

Gabrielle Bernstein is the author of eight books, including her newest, Super Attractor, which is set to launch in January. Her other bestsellers include Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self Love, Add More ing to Your Life, and Miracles Now. In addition, she is the co-host of the Guinness World Record for the largest group meditation.

She has been named as one of Oprah's "SuperSoul 100," a group of trailblazers who have made a difference in the world. She is a member of the Super Soul Sunday TV show's "thought leader" team.

As a speaker, Gabby shares her personal journey, which includes overcoming addiction. She also teaches how to meditate and develop a holistic spiritual approach.

Podcast host

Gabby Bernstein is an author, thought leader and meditation podcast host. She has spoken to thousands in sold-out venues around the world and is known for turning people's lives around. Her books are all about transforming and healing. Currently, she has nine titles, including her newest, Happy Days.

Gabrielle has been featured in ELLE, Glamour, The Today Show, and Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. She is also a member of the Super Soul 100, an eclectic group of trailblazers who are working to raise consciousness on a global scale. In addition, she has been named the New York Times's best-selling author of the year.

Despite her success, she admits that she is a work in progress. But she is dedicated to helping others discover their inner wisdom. Since she became sober in 2004, she has been able to help a number of people overcome addictions and trauma. And in her latest book, she opens up about her own personal experiences with traumatic childhoods.


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