Gold Sheen Obsidian

March 7, 2023

golden sheen obsidian

Obsidian is a form of igneous rock that is formed by a quick cooling of volcanic lava. The most common type of obsidian is black but this gemstone can also be seen with a golden or silver sheen.

Its meaning & properties

This stone is a master healer for those who suffer from trauma or pain. It can help relieve stomach-related problems like excessive reflux, ulcers, and bloating, and it is also said to improve tissue regeneration.

It can also boost your energy levels and increase your strength. It can even reverse cell damage, which is believed to be a major benefit for those with injuries such as sprains or muscle pulls.

The root chakra is connected to this crystal and it is also thought to promote healing of the digestive tract, including the pancreas, liver, and colon. It can also help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

It is also good for calming anger and standing up for yourself. This crystal will help you become your true self and will give you the courage to face your fears and overcome them.

You can use gold sheen obsidian in meditation to help you release old traumas and feelings of grief. It can also encourage you to let go of your ego so that you can make decisions without fearing the consequences.

It is also an excellent choice for scrying as it enhances psychic sensitivity and increases your ability to perceive future events. It is also a very powerful crystal for manifesting prosperity and success.


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