Helping Strays - 4 Ways to Help

March 7, 2023

helping strays

Whether you’re in a neighborhood with stray cats or a city where you regularly run across strays, there are several ways to help.

Firstly, you can help keep them safe by ensuring they’re properly vaccinated. This will prevent them from spreading diseases and causing harm to people or other animals. You can also encourage your local animal shelter to spay and neuter stray cats and help keep their population in check.

Second, you can provide food and water to stray cats, especially in cold weather. This will help them stay warm and hydrated, and will also allow them to avoid contracting dangerous diseases like rabies.

Finally, you can give them shelter, like a cardboard box lined with straw. You can even add blankets and towels to the box for extra warmth.

Volunteer with an animal welfare organization

There are many organizations that work to save stray dogs and cats, and you can be one of them by volunteering your time. If you’re able to spend some time once a week walking dogs, cleaning cages, or fostering cats, it will make a huge difference in the lives of homeless pets!

Helping strays isn’t just about getting them back into homes; it’s about helping them live peaceful and happy lives. Providing food, shelter and love will do wonders for the stray animals you encounter!

At any given time, there are about 70 million stray dogs and cats in the U.S. For most, their food and shelter will determine whether they survive the winter or not.


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