Hey Arnold! - What Happened to Arnold's Parents?

June 12, 2023

Ever since the show premiered in 1996, what happened to Arnold's parents has been a question that has plagued both viewers and the young teen himself. Until now, the only thing that anyone knew was that they went to Africa on a humanitarian mission and were never heard from again. That's all about to change.

In a new Hey Arnold! movie, the series creator Craig Bartlett reveals the truth about what really happened to Arnold's parents. Grandpa enters Arnold's room and suggests that he tell him a bedtime story, but Arnold says that he wants the real one, which is about his parents going to San Lorenzo.

According to Grandpa, Arnold's dad was a scientist and he decided to go down to the jungle to look for a cure for sleeping sickness. During this expedition, he came across a tribe of green-eyed people who needed help. Helga, who was with him at the time, confessed her love for him and they kissed. Then, they got a letter from Eduardo who was desperate for their help as well. They both agreed to go back, but when they were about to take off, a giant rock fell on the plane. They were killed.

The real story is much more complicated and strange. The truth is that they were actually acrobats who worked at a circus before they met and became lovers. They were convicted of murder, but they managed to get out of prison by using fake IDs, a passport from a former colleague and masks that they obtained from another prisoner who was a parolee.


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