How Chickens Relax

February 10, 2023

how chickens relax

Chickens don’t have the same rhythm of sleep as humans, but they still need it to recharge. They tend to nap more during the summer and less in winter, and they also take naps at different stages of their lives.


Most chickens are nocturnal and go to sleep around dusk to dawn, a period of the day when they have the most difficulty spotting potential predators. This is one of the reasons they prefer to sleep in dark areas, such as a chicken coop or a hutch.


During daylight hours, many mature chickens will take frequent naps during the day as they get older and their bodies need more rest. This isn’t an indication that your chicken is unhealthy, it’s just a normal part of their life cycle.


It’s natural for chickens to relax during their leisure time, and they often take a moment to sit and sunbathe or socialise with other birds in their flock. They also enjoy preening their feathers with their beaks and dust bathing as a way to keep themselves clean.


Another good way to help chickens relax is to use relaxation techniques like meditation and mindfulness. These can be effective at reducing stress, but it’s important to remember that not everyone will benefit from them. If you have a mental health issue, it’s always best to seek advice from a specialist before trying any relaxation techniques.


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