How Long Does An Eye Exam Take?

February 10, 2023

how long does an eye exam take

How Long Does An Eye Exam Take?

The answer to that question depends on your health needs, the type of exam you are getting and if any other tests are needed. However, the basics of an eye exam usually take about 1.5 to 2 hours.

When you come in for an eye exam, your doctor will ask about any problems with your vision, including any medications you are taking and any other illnesses or diseases you may have. They will also review your past medical history and family history to determine if there are any underlying health conditions that could be affecting your eyes or vision.

They will then do a visual acuity test using a chart that has numbers and letters on it at different distances to see how well you can read them. This will help the doctor determine your exact vision prescription.

Lastly, the doctor will perform the slit lamp test which uses a microscope to examine your eyes. This is used to check for damage and inconsistencies in the cornea, iris and lens that can affect your eye’s ability to see clearly.

The slit lamp test can reveal many eye issues that are not easily seen by the naked eye and can alert the doctor to early stages of eye diseases like glaucoma, which can lead to severe vision loss. It can also identify other conditions that may affect your eyes, such as squint or macular degeneration.


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