How Long Should a Tie Be?

October 8, 2023

Whether you're going for a classic look or are looking for something to stand out, the right tie can do a lot to elevate your style. And when it comes to a good tie length, there are several factors to consider.

Generally, the tip of your tie (regardless of shape) should land at or on top of your waistband or belt buckle when you're standing straight up with good posture. It should never be above or below that, either.

But the ideal tie length also depends on the type of knot you plan to wear it. If you want to wear a Windsor knot, for instance, you need to add two inches to the standard 57-inch length. The same goes for other styles of ties. The point is to get the correct tie length based on your height and style.

In general, men under 6 feet tall should stick with a standard tie length of 57 inches. Anything longer can make you appear disproportionate. However, if you have a long or rounded torso, you may need a slightly longer tie to fit properly.


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