How Long to Wait to Swim After Ear Piercing?

February 10, 2023

how long to wait to swim after ear piercing

Getting a piercing can be an exciting experience, and sometimes you may want to go swimming. However, it is important to wait for your ear piercing to heal before you do so.

How Long Does It Take For A Piercing To Heal?

New piercings take time to heal, and most common body parts like ears need six to eight weeks for the outer skin to fully heal. Some body piercings, like tongue piercings, may heal in a shorter amount of time.

How Long Should I Wait to Swim After Ear Piercing?

It is very important to wait at least two weeks before you start swimming after ear piercing. This is because the open wound created by a fresh piercing can be at risk of infection.

Infections in your piercing can look like sensitivity, swelling, redness or pain. You should also avoid swimming in water sources that are prone to infections, such as lakes, rivers or the sea.

How to Keep Your Piercing Dry While You Are Swimming

If you want to go swimming after getting your ear piercing, it is best to cover it with a headcover or neoprene ear band. These are waterproof and can help keep your ear piercing protected while you’re in the pool.

How To Test A Waterproof Bandage Before You Sweep It Off

After you get your piercing, it is recommended that you test the bandage by splashing it with a lot of water. If the bandage dries out quickly or gets wet, it is not waterproof and should be removed from your ear.


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