How Many Cups in a Can of Chicken Broth?

April 10, 2023

What is the difference between broth and stock?

Broth is a liquid made from meat, vegetables or other ingredients, while stock is a thicker, more flavorful liquid that is created by cooking bones.

The number of fluid ounces in a cup is eight.

One US liquid quart is equal to 128 fl oz, and the UK or Imperial gallon is 4.546 L (3.785 gallons). In a can of broth, four to eight cups are usually contained.

How many fluid ounces is one can of chicken broth?

A can of chicken broth contains 14.5 fluid ounces, which is about the same as a cup of water. This broth has a more dense mouthfeel and richer taste than water, due to the gelatin released from long-simmering bones. It is also lower in calories than conventional broth because it contains collagen and marrow.

The amount of broth in a can is easily figured out by calculating its density, which is very similar to that of water. A 14-ounce can of beef stock, for example, will hold 1.8 cups of liquid.

How many cups is one can of Swanson Chicken Broth?

A 14.5-ounce can of Swanson Chicken Broth contains 1.8 cups of liquid. The broth is a great choice for busy home cooks, as it comes in an easy-to-recycle can and is prepared with quality spices.

How many ounces is one can of canned chicken?

A 12-ounce can of canned chicken, which is a standard size for most recipes, contains about 2 small cooked breasts. You can often switch out two small cans for one larger can of chicken, if needed. This allows you to make more than one serving at a time.


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