How Much is a Deadlift Bar Weight?

June 13, 2023

When you walk into your gym you may notice that there are multiple types of barbells - and they all seem to weigh differently. It can be confusing for new lifters to figure out which bar to load up with plates and which one is best suited to their needs. For those who are interested in getting stronger and doing more deadlifts, a powerlifting bar is probably the right choice. However, you need to know how much a deadlift bar weight is before you can make this decision.

Deadlift bars are a specific type of straight barbell that is specifically designed for use with the deadlift exercise. They are typically shorter in length, have a smaller diameter and feature longer loading sleeves than standard power barbells. These features allow the bar to bend more effectively during the deadlift, reducing the sticking point and helping you get more weight off the floor.

The deadlift bar is also made with higher quality steel than standard barbells, allowing it to withstand much more weight before it will break. Generally, these bars have a tensile strength of around 190,000 PSI. While this is still far above the amount of pressure that you would expect to apply to the bar during a deadlift, it is significantly lower than the 200,000 PSI that you might expect from a standard stiff bar.

In general, a deadlift bar will likely cost more than a standard power barbell and you should consider this price before making a purchase. However, you can find a lot of different options and even buy a used one to save money.


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