How Much Red Light Therapy Is Too Much?

July 24, 2023

One of the most versatile and safest forms of treatment for a wide range of issues is opting for red light therapy.

Since it is a safe treatment, it is highly unlikely to cause any major damage or changes to the body. However, overdoing this treatment will not be of any help as it will not speed up the healing process or offer your relief. But you may also begin to notice minor rash, blisters, burns, or even cellular damages at a point upon excessive exposure to red lights.

So do you want to know more about how much red light therapy is too much? Well, we got the answer for you. Binge on to find out.

How Much Red Light Therapy Is Too Much?

Red light therapies are widely relied upon because they are safe, effective, and reliable treatments. With this approach, there is no need to worry about reactions, responses, or any form of side effects.

While it is true that it has been proven to be safe and free from negative effects, it is best not to overdo this treatment. Red light therapy emits light at a safe and non-harmful wavelength, but getting this treatment too frequently may cause you certain issues with skin tissues without prior notice. However, this is not a major problem as it is very unlikely and rare.

No matter where you aim the light against your skin, it must not be fixated in one position for too long. This could cause surface irritation if you have extremely sensitive skin or prone to rashes or burns.

If you do overdo red light therapy, you may feel the skin getting warmer pretty quickly and notice the skin getting red slowly. These are early signs of halting and refraining from using the LED light therapy devices for a while until your skin has had time to heal.

Although it is not particularly dangerous or deadly, overdoing light therapy can cause skin tissue and cellular damage that can take a while to heal. You may also notice minor abrasions, blisters, or even fluid-filled blisters when you have overdone the red light therapy for far too long.

This is why it is best to use an FDA-approved device and salon or aesthetician to get it done for safety reasons if you are not confident enough to do it yourself.

What Happens When You Take Excessive Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is indeed very safe to use without the fear of any side effects or dangers to the body. But it is best not to spend more than necessary time exposed to these lights. However, if you do take excessive light therapy too frequently, you may begin to notice certain unexpected changes.

Some of these unwanted issues and results caused by overdoing red light therapy are as follows -

Does Not Speed Up The Healing Process

Red light therapy is known to be highly effective, reliable, and free from complications, as it is very safe to use under monitored conditions. While it is true that you do notice results from red light therapy over long-term usage, it must be maintained and done consistently for the results to come through. Without consistency and monitoring, you will never be able to achieve results or relief from your issues with red light therapy.

Although it may seem reasonable to extend your sessions under red light therapy to speed up the process as it is claimed to be safe, it is not. An extended period of time exposed to the LED lights of red light therapy will do you no good in achieving any results.

Whether you spike the wavelength or spend longer than usual exposed to the lights, the results will not be any more enhanced or effective. This will not help speed up the process or help you obtain relief any sooner.

Hence, it is best not to spend more than recommended under these lights since the results will not be altered or enhanced. Instead, maintaining a consistent wavelength and duration for a long time is the best way to achieve satisfactory results and relief.

Cellular Damage

It is common knowledge that red light therapy is highly effective in promoting cellular activity and blood circulation. Red light can deeply penetrate multiple layers beneath the skin, delivering the light to sore spots caused by issues such as joint pains and arthritis.

For this light to deliver relief from bone problems, it has to be able to reach near your bones for it to be effective and relieving.

However, since this light can ensure results, it also means that it cuts through the top layers of your skin rather well. This means that the cellular activity on the top layer of the skin is rather sped up and increased quite a bit. Increased cellular activities can eventually cause irreversible cellular damage or even be the cause of cellular death.

Although over-cellular stimulation is known to increase metabolism to an extent, it can also be the reason the cells die. This overstimulation and heat generation can cause further complications in the cell instead of increasing metabolism, which is why monitoring the temperature and wavelength is very important.

Fluid-Filled Blisters

Fluid-filled blisters can be intensely painful. These painful blisters may be the result of overdoing red light therapy for an extended period of time. Although red light therapy is known to be inexplicably safe for long-term benefits, it may cause certain discomforts.

These blisters can result from inconsistent wavelengths of the LED light or faulty wires and connections.

There have also been reports of people falling asleep during red light therapy sessions, which can be dangerous. Fixated or positioned LED lights in the same place for too long can certainly cause a burning sensation and blisters.

Although fluid-filled blisters may not be an issue everyone faces, they can appear in people with sensitivity to heat or overstimulation on the body.

These blisters can appear simply swollen at first, develop into producing pus, and even become infected when not handled with caution or safety. To prevent such bad experiences with something that barely has any side effects, ensure the light is well adjusted and monitored and not fixated at one spot.

Micro Abrasions and Burns

Aiming the LED light of the red light at one fixed place for far too long can cause minor injuries such as micro-abrasions and burns that can go unnoticed until way later.

This may happen due to your skin being highly sensitive, the lights causing the surface of your skin to overheat, or even due to blood circulation being sped up.

Although micro-abrasions are most likely to be caused due to the lights being at a fixed position for too long, they may also be caused due to prior history of rashes or because you are sensitive to heat.

You may also experience a mild burning sensation or notice a minor rash-like appearance on your skin where the LED has been aimed for too long. Since red light has a tendency to generate heat, it may also be responsible for causing a minimum burn on your skin from the heat production. All these factors combined may cause you to suffer a little bit if not handled with caution.

Bottom Line

No matter what your problem is, red light therapy can be of help to you in some manner or the other. It is one of the safest, most effective, and most reliable treatments ranging from cancers, hair treatments, and bone and joint problems to even help with weight loss.

In order to achieve such results, consistency, maintenance, and precision are highly valued to notice any visible difference.

However, no matter what you do, knowing how much red light therapy is, too much must always remain at the back of your head. Even though it is safe and even recommended by doctors, overexposure to these LED lights will not help.


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